World of Woods

…natural warmth that only wood can provide…

We combine the attributes afforded by our location to produce high quality timber frames in an environmentally responsible manner while controlling our pricing to our clients.  Our handcraft methods are traditional in nature, but we are not slave to a particular technique. We search for a balance between traditional methods, combining techniques from many different cultures.  Our choices in the woods we use are made with the same care we bring to our design decisions and wood working techniques.

There are many additional wood species successfully used for timber framing in America. Our intention with this writing is not to infer that the species listed are the only acceptable choices. The species discussed here are those that are local and plentiful to us, that possess properties we have found work well in the shop and look beautiful, and that give us the strength characteristics every good timber frame demands. If you have a strong desire for us to build your timber frame using a different species for all or part, contact us and we will talk it over. We are happy to oblige.

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