Why Handcrafted?

Timber Frame Home

When considering the question, “Why handcrafted?” – I’d like to point out some reasons we feel that it’s so important to us individually and to our society as a whole.

  1.  While considering the significance of a unique design and production of the work, whether it be a piece of jewelry, an iron door hinge, a carved walnut headboard, or a timber frame home, you realize that you will never see another one quite like it.  You’ll become aware of a particular sensation that the surface presents to you – the natural texture or the mellow smoothness someone’s hands have given it over the time that it took to build.  You’ll always be aware of how that work of art defines what true beauty means to you.
  2. When a person’s hands are given the opportunity to create their passion and you decide to purchase it, you have helped uphold a long forgotten craft or sustain a small company’s desire to produce a true handcrafted work of art.  You support them and their craft by paying a bit more in price, and getting something in return that’s designed just for you.  You’ll naturally treasure it, take care of it, pass it on to your loved ones, and always recognize its uniqueness.
  3.  Large handcrafted works of art can also be attributed to your personally planned home.  A well designed, hand-built timber frame envelops you in the strength of natural wood, and it will last for generations to come.  You can complete your surroundings with artisan-created possessions such as well crafted custom furniture, the unique staircase that graces your hall, colorful pottery that you eat from, decorative wool rugs, a carved wood entrance door and its patterned iron hinges, the quilts arranged on your bed . . .

The list of enduring, high-quality art that enhances your home and life is endless.  Most important, these things are available to us all.  

Why not handcrafted?

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