White oak

The oaks are taxonomically divided into two major families: The White oak family and the Red oak family. Sawmills combine all White oak species together when filling an order, making no distinction between the various species.  The individual species we most often receive are Chestnut oak and Species White oak.

White oak sees wide use for flooring, cabinet wood, furniture, timber framing, rail road ties, and even for the manufacture of pallets.  The White oak forest quickly re-generates after being harvested.  Most of the White oak timber we receive are produced from trees 60 to 80 years old and from forests that have been harvested three or more times.  The timber produced from these young trees is typically straight, possesses the wide growth ring spacing that is structurally desirable in hardwood timbers, and is of high quality.  White oak timbers are a cost effective choice for our timber frames as well because the local mills are routinely dealing with the resource–it is plentiful, and the shipping charges are minimal.  We most often employ White oak timbers for Interior Timber Frames.