Timbers of the Frame

timber framedtimber framed

  • Posts: Upright timbers.
  • Bent Girts: Horizontal timbers that connect the posts together.
  • Bent Plates: Significant horizontal timbers that hold up the base of the rafters.
  • Struts: Small timbers in a structure, used to act in compression along the direction of their length.
  • Knee Braces: Two timbers at right angles that are framed diagonally between posts and beams.
  • Principal Rafters: Timbers in the roof that are joined together at the top and framed at their bottom into a bent plate.
  • Common Rafters: Smaller than principal rafters, located between bents.
  • Collar Tie: Connector in the middle of a pair of rafters. It minimizes rafter sagging or spreading.
  • King Post: An upright timber framed into a roof truss. This single timber runs from collar tie to rafter peak.
  • Queen Posts: A pair of upright timbers added into a roof truss.
  • Purlins: Horizontal timbers that connect rafter trusses.
  • Boss Pin: An upright timber at the top of the roof to which the rafters are connected.