Timberframe – The Art and Craft of the Post-and-Beam Home

Timberframe – The Art and Craft of the Post-and-Beam Home

By: Tedd Benson – Forward by Norm Abram

The Taunton Press – 2001

Tedd gives us another lush book showcasing 23 homes and 6 timber frame additions of varied design which display the warmth, character, and versatility of today’s timber frame home.  Filled with 400 color photographs, drawings, and plans, you have a compelling source of inspiration in your hands.  Great for gathering ideas of what you do like in a timber frame home and especially what you don’t like in a timber frame home.

Building the Timber Frame House

Building the Timber Frame HouseThe Revival of a Forgotten Craft

By Tedd Benson with James Gruber

Fireside Book – 1980

“Timber framing is as old and as full of history as the story of architecture in wood itself. As a building technique, timber framing survived through the centuries on the sound principle that it provided exceedingly durable shelter.”  So begins one of the first books on the resurgence of timber framing in the United States.  Tedd Benson tells the story of this forgotten craft and how its rediscovery has led to what we witness today in private homes, commercial buildings both large and small, and in outdoor pavilions for farmer’s markets as well as State Parks.  This paperback book is recommended for the beginner, the historian, and is considered a staple on any timber framer’s book shelf.