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The English Mediaeval House

The English Mediaeval House 

By: Margaret Wood – Preface by Sir Mortimer Wheeler

Bracken Books – 1965

In this book you will find an absorbing study of the evolution of the English house.  Filled with Margaret Wood and other workers’ meticulous research, the book covers the period of time from the Norman Conquest to 1540.  Sixty pages of beautiful and instructive photographs are included as well as 150 plans and drawings that can only enhance such a wonderful book. This is the first major book on medieval domestic architecture for over a hundred years and is definitely worthy of its great subject!


Manor Houses in Normandy

Manor Houses in Normandy

By: Yves Lexcroart
Photographs By: Regis Faucon

Konemann – 1995

Open this book and you will be blown away by beautiful photographs that have captured the undulating woodland and lush meadows of Normandy.  Pays d’Auge is a region of Normandy that is a treasure-house of architecture in which the amazing manor houses are among its best-kept secrets.  Some are surprisingly small and some very grand.  They are built of timber or brick and stone. Very few of the manor houses are open to the public so grab this unique opportunity and enjoy this breathtaking pocket of Normandy.

American Bungalow Style

American Bungalow Style

By: Robert Winter and Alexander Vertikoff

Simon & Schuster – 1996

If you’re looking for some great interior or exterior ideas for cozy nooks, fireplaces, porches, window nooks, etc., then this book can help.  Filled with over 300 color photographs of that charming Craftsman Style architecture, we are immediately drawn to its warmth and effortless design.  “The idea that simplicity and artistry could harmonize in one affordable house spurred the bungalow’s popularity – a rare movement in which good architecture was found outside the world of the wealthy.”  This remains true today – especially with a timber frame home.  Turning the pages of this beautiful book shows you how just a simple door can become a thing of beauty you could enjoy each and every day.

Our Wood Shavings find a Home


As you can imagine, our shop floor is often covered with great smelling oak wood chips or saw dust depending on which tools are being used – sometimes over a foot of shavings will pile up under the saw horses.  Out in the timber yard, we have a ‘nook’ where we put the shavings and a sign that says “Free Sawdust”.  Lots of people come by with their large plastic garbage cans and fill them up to take home to their gardens or animal pens.  The sawdust makes great garden paths and mulch with no harm to the plants.  We’ve been doing it for years!

Foundations – Every Pavilion Needs One

Submitted by: Erik Toplis, Timber Frame Designer

Pavilions, just like any other load bearing structure, start with a foundation.  There are various options for transmitting gravity loads to the Earth and the decision on which route to take usually happens in the design phase.  Things to consider include snow load (live load), pavilion weight (dead load), and site conditions.  Site conditions are generally the same once preparations have been made for the pavilion raising.  Soil conditions have already been evaluated and grading and excavation has been completed.  At this point it is up to the general contractor, home owner and timber frame supplier to decide which method to use to anchor the structure.

Here at Homestead Timber Frames, we offer detailed suggestions on how to construct the foundation.  We will specify where to pour a simple slab and where to reinforce for our timber post locations (rebar is sometimes required for larger pavilions).  Most of the time the pavilion posts sit directly on the slab or sit on raised pilasters.  In every case we specify a piece of Plexiglas to mount under the post which prevents the timber frame from wicking moisture out of the concrete.

Moving on, once the concrete is in place and reinforced in the required locations, our crewbegins the installation of Timberlinx.   Timberlinx is a commonly used fastening system to secure timber elements to each other or to foundations.  We prefer using Timberlinx over other systems for mounting our pavilion post feet.  First, a hole is drilled into the concrete at the specified location and to the appropriate depth.  Then a threaded bolt is inserted, leveled, and epoxied into place.  Once the epoxy dries we fasten the top Timberlinx cylinder to the rod leaving it proud of the concrete as specified.  Thirdly, the frame is raised and posts (with pre-drilled holes at their bases) are set down onto the Plexiglas, sliding the Timberlinx into the post.  Finally, the specified Timberlinx screw is inserted into the side of the post and tightened, thus securing the post to the foundation.  A wooden plug is used to conceal this connection and is sanded flush with the outside face of the post.  Almost the trick of a street performer, the post base connection is hidden giving the frame a very clean appearance.  Constructing an accurate and strong foundation is the most important step in preparing to raise a timber frame pavilion, thus our crew often makes a special trip to measure and evaluate the work before raising a pavilion.  Quality from the ground up you could say!

Company Lunch

Once a month our company and their families get together for an enjoyable lunch. We have a few laughs, good eats, and a great time!  For this lunch we had a taco buffet complete with fresh guacamole and juicy watermelon.  Not only did we have a fabulous lunch but we were honored to celebrate a birthday with homemade

Happy Birthday
to Heather!!