History of Timber Framing

Timber framing is a centuries-old art.  It dates back to early man and basic primitive structures where timber supplies were conveniently abundant from local forests. You can find timber-framed structures in Europe and many timber-framed temples in Asia that date back hundreds of years and are still standing.

Timber framing is basically a method of building that uses a framework of wooden members that are held together through joinery and bracing. Craftsmen shaped logs into hand-hewn posts and beams, then, instead of using metal to connect the timbers they would carve precise mortises and tenons which were secured with wooden pegs. Great pride and competition followed timber frame artisans who had such amazing skill in creating this precise joinery and engineered timber frames.

Timber framing flourished in Early America with massive forests to provide plenty of supplies. Today timber frame structures are still found in older cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Charleston, although they are hard to identify by first glance.

In our world today there is a rebirth of the art of timber framing.  There is a search for the more traditional ways of life, living self-sufficiently and more environmentally friendly.

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 A way of building that uses less materials, lasts longer, and has a comforting natural look and feel.  Which leads us straight back to the charming, handcrafted building method of timber framing.industrial revolution brought forth new products and innovations which buried timber framing.

Over time the invention of mass production gave rise to quicker and cheaper.  The demand for this type of fast construction soon replaced timber framing as the main building method.  This technique is known today as stud construction or platform construction. The majority of homes are still built using this method.

You don’t have to build a whole house to enjoy the richness of handcrafted timber framing. There are many options with timber framing, such as, a hybrid timber frame home that incorporates conventional and timber framing methods.  Even the addition of decorative timber frame accents into your home may suit you best. Perhaps a timber framed pavilion, a timber framed outdoor kitchen, or a heavy timbered car workshop is what you are looking for.




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