Handcrafted Design

Bruce and Cyndy are a great match, with their years of passionate experience with timber framing, their eye for natural beauty, and their creative minds they will get you excited to start your own design journey. Bruce is the technical guy. He is there making sure everything is going to fit together and fit within your space.  Cyndy is on top of it all, making sure you have the look and feel that you desire.

With these two working with our very talented designer, this creative crew will guide you to your dream timber frame structure. Homestead Timber Frames loves to generate beautiful custom designs composed of the clients wishes and wants.


  • To begin your own design journey we open your personal shoe box of ideas and dreams. If your shoe box is not all the way full, we have an assortment of our own pre-designed plans to pick from or incorporate into. Then we help you focus on the most important design elements for your project.  Along the way we will also discuss your budget while working within your space requirements.

  • The creative design crew will then forge ahead and develop your own unique preliminary design. We work together to make sure your project is usable, visually appealing, and structurally possible. Throughout your design journey we will be right there by your side keeping all communications open. When your custom design has hit the paper you will be ready for your first review.

  • Once you are completely satisfied with your initial design, we will begin to develop your timber frame structure and price your project. Our goal is to build a beautiful handcrafted timber frame and create an extremely satisfied client.

If you are ready to begin your design journey click here to get started.


To help get the juices flowing we have made available samples of our house and pavilion designs.

Click here to see all of the house plans.

Click here to see all of the pavilion plans.



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