Our Wood Shavings find a Home


As you can imagine, our shop floor is often covered with great smelling oak wood chips or saw dust depending on which tools are being used – sometimes over a foot of shavings will pile up under the saw horses.  Out in the timber yard, we have a ‘nook’ where we put the shavings and a sign that says “Free Sawdust”.  Lots of people come by with their large plastic garbage cans and fill them up to take home to their gardens or animal pens.  The sawdust makes great garden paths and mulch with no harm to the plants.  We’ve been doing it for years!

Company Lunch

Once a month our company and their families get together for an enjoyable lunch. We have a few laughs, good eats, and a great time!  For this lunch we had a taco buffet complete with fresh guacamole and juicy watermelon.  Not only did we have a fabulous lunch but we were honored to celebrate a birthday with homemade

Happy Birthday
to Heather!!


Hello There!


Hi, my name is Woody!                                It is so good to see you here!

I’ll be hanging out with these talented timber framers getting the inside scoop about what goes on behind the scenes.  I’m going to start off by exploring the timber yard and will be sharing my exciting adventures with you.

Keep checking in – you may learn a new word, witness a new design or see our joiners in action in the shop or on a raising.