It’s Almost Timber Frame Pavilion Weather! Get the Sizing Right

Are you thinking about a timber frame pavilion for the upcoming spring and summer weather? Unless you’ve built one before, you’ll probably need a general idea about the best dimensions for it.

It’s all about personal space. For everyone inside a pavilion to feel comfortable, each one needs a minimum amount of square footage. The amount of space varies depending on whether the person is seated or standing, but not by a tremendous amount.

Here’s what you should account for with your new Homestead Timber Frames pavilion:

  • 8 sq. ft. is the minimum used per person for a stand-up reception.
  • 10 sq. ft. is the median used per person for a stand-up reception.
  • 12 sq. ft. is the maximum used per person for a stand-up reception and allows for a normal sized stage and isle ways.
  • 15 sq. ft. per person is used for a seated affair.


Of course there’s a lot more to deciding how large or small to design your pavilion than just the minimum space requirements. Come talk with us about creating an outdoor oasis where you can relax and entertain.

Let’s get started on your timber frame pavilion now!
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Reading Tree Rings with Woody

Every single spring and summer, each tree grows another layer of wood that is added onto the trunk. In the spring the wood grows quickly and is a lighter color because it is made of large cells. During the summer the wood grows much slower, has smaller cells and is darker in color.

  • To tell the age of the treeCount the dark rings!
  • When a tree is getting plenty of sunshine and rain it will have rings that are broad and evenly spaced.
  • If a tree has went through a forest fire it may have some scarring on  the bark right along one of the rings but every year the tree will add more wood to cover the scar.
  • Very narrow rings that continue through several seasons can indicate a drought or maybe an insect infestation.
  • If a tree has rings that seem wider on one side than the other it may suggest that something pushed against the tree as it was growing.  The tree will build what is called “reaction wood” to prop up and support the side that is leaning.

In the Shop with Woody

 Good Afternoon! It is such a beautiful day!

I’ve been out in the shop checking out different tools that the guys use for crafting such handsome timber frames.

The tool I am sharing with you today is a portable band saw. It is used on our timbers to create stunning curves and cut other irregular shapes as you see in the photographs below.

In the Office with Woody

Today I’m spending some time here in the office with our designer Erik! He has a few awesome timber frame designs in the works!

I also found this important sign up in the office. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Check out this Old Oak Tree – The Birthing Tree

This huge white oak tree is located in McMinnville, TN and is known as the Birthing Tree.  Most of the branches are so large that they lay on the ground.

It is 81 feet tall and the crown of the tree spreads over 130 feet!
How tall are you compared to this big tree? 

The Birthing Tree was a local landmark for travelers and settlers passing through the area on the Old Kentucky Trail.  It was a well-known gathering place for them and some waited for long periods of time for others to join, to wait out bad weather or to wait on supplies.  Many of the local families recall stories of grandparents who knew of someone born at the tree due to some extended delays.

This tree is standing across the street from the McMinnville River Park Hospital (1559 Sparta Highway – Hwy. 70)  Stop by and say hello to this old beauty if you’re ever in the area!

Meet Nellie – our Official Greeter!

This is Nellie she is a very friendly dog! See, she even likes me!
Nellie is great with kids and loves a head pat. Once she says her first “hello”, she will lie down and be quiet. She loves to tag along and help support all the guys when they are working. She also checks on the office staff and keeps them all on their toes.

Come on by the shop and meet Nellie whenever you’re in the area!