Timber Frame Bus Shelters


Timber Frame Bus Shelters in Cookeville, Tennesse

July 17th & 18th, 2013

These are renderings of the bus shelters produced by our designer, Erik.

Homestead Timber Frames teamed up with the Cumberland Mountain School Youth Impact Center and the Indian Mound Boys Residential Center under the umbrella of Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency to design, build, and donate two handcrafted timber frame bus shelters for their summer building project. Our staff worked with the young men in our shop for one day teaching them to assemble the small timber frames. After learning about timber frame basics and shop safety from our joiners, the boys pre-drilled the peg holes, sanded the timbers, and raised the shelter in our shop. The young men then joined in raising the timber frame bus stops in their permanent locations. A wonderful ribbon cutting ceremony took place to welcome the new bus stops in the beginning of August. What a great accomplishment!

The bus shelters are located in the city of Cookeville in front of Kroger on Jefferson Street and in front of Logan’s Steak House on Interstate Drive. If you are ever in the area check out these wonderful pieces of work!