English Cathedral and Monastic Carpentry

English Cathedral and Monastic Carpentry 

By: Cecil A. Hewett, 1985

Well over a hundred great churches were built in the cathedral tradition in the middle ages.  They are our most important group of historical monuments and embody the finest craftwork of medieval architecture.  Cecil Hewett’s massive contribution to architectural history is now generally acknowledged and in this new and definitive study of the carpentry of England’s great churches, illustrated by some three hundred of his own magnificent drawings, he provides both a work of reference and a stimulating analysis of the evolution of the craft.

Craftsman Homes

Craftsman Homes -
Architecture and Furnishings of the American Arts and Crafts Movement

By: Gustav Stickley

Dover Publications, Inc. New York, 1979

The plans and drawings for 40 different kinds of cottages, bungalows, suburban houses and city dwellings are a long-lost gallery of functional American home planning, designed and in many cases built by the staff of Stickley’s magazine.  Craftsman Homes brings back an influential and thoroughly American style of design and construction:  Americana collectors will find it an inexpensive introduction to this ripe field; today’s architects, designers and decorators will find enough information and illustration to appreciate the Craftsman idea in its totality.

Understanding Wood Finishing

Understanding Wood Finishing – How to Select and Apply the Right Finish

By: Bob Flexner

Rodale Press, Inc. 1994

Author Bob Flexner has been finishing wood for more than 20 years.  He spent the last 6 years learning the chemistry of finishing, so you don’t need to.  In Understanding Wood Finishing, Flexner has distilled his technical knowledge into the practical information you need to understand how every finish will perform and why. In his book you will find tips for getting the perfect finish, tricks for determining what kind of finish you’re really buying, a handy chart telling which stains are compatible with which finishes and step-by-step finishing schedules.


It’s Almost Timber Frame Pavilion Weather! Get the Sizing Right

Are you thinking about a timber frame pavilion for the upcoming spring and summer weather? Unless you’ve built one before, you’ll probably need a general idea about the best dimensions for it.

It’s all about personal space. For everyone inside a pavilion to feel comfortable, each one needs a minimum amount of square footage. The amount of space varies depending on whether the person is seated or standing, but not by a tremendous amount.

Here’s what you should account for with your new Homestead Timber Frames pavilion:

  • 8 sq. ft. is the minimum used per person for a stand-up reception.
  • 10 sq. ft. is the median used per person for a stand-up reception.
  • 12 sq. ft. is the maximum used per person for a stand-up reception and allows for a normal sized stage and isle ways.
  • 15 sq. ft. per person is used for a seated affair.


Of course there’s a lot more to deciding how large or small to design your pavilion than just the minimum space requirements. Come talk with us about creating an outdoor oasis where you can relax and entertain.

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Barn – The Art of a Working Building

By: Elric Endersby, Alexander Greenwood and David Larkin


The barn, symbol of shelter and harvest, warmth and honest effort – a simple form wedded to the most ancient of civilized activities, the tilling of the land.  Barn is a tribute to this building, with more than two hundred full-color photographs and an informed text by two expert practitioners of the art and craft of barn restoration.  For anyone interested in history, architecture, agriculture, or just plain living, Barn is the ultimate book about the world’s best-loved building.


The English Mediaeval House

The English Mediaeval House 

By: Margaret Wood – Preface by Sir Mortimer Wheeler

Bracken Books – 1965

In this book you will find an absorbing study of the evolution of the English house.  Filled with Margaret Wood and other workers’ meticulous research, the book covers the period of time from the Norman Conquest to 1540.  Sixty pages of beautiful and instructive photographs are included as well as 150 plans and drawings that can only enhance such a wonderful book. This is the first major book on medieval domestic architecture for over a hundred years and is definitely worthy of its great subject!


Manor Houses in Normandy

Manor Houses in Normandy

By: Yves Lexcroart
Photographs By: Regis Faucon

Konemann – 1995

Open this book and you will be blown away by beautiful photographs that have captured the undulating woodland and lush meadows of Normandy.  Pays d’Auge is a region of Normandy that is a treasure-house of architecture in which the amazing manor houses are among its best-kept secrets.  Some are surprisingly small and some very grand.  They are built of timber or brick and stone. Very few of the manor houses are open to the public so grab this unique opportunity and enjoy this breathtaking pocket of Normandy.

Dogwood Arts Festival 2014

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