Homestead Timber Frames created these pages as our way to share our enthusiasm and to promote the word ‘Handcrafted’ – the work of crafts people using their hands to build a thing of beauty and usefulness while paying attention to design.  Our hope is that we will inspire you to cultivate the handcrafted philosophy into your life.  There is something to be said for quality and art brought together hand in hand that represents our traditions and understanding of what natural beauty can be.  We should be so lucky to surround ourselves with fine craftsmanship representing all cultures from around the world.

Our source of ‘Craft’ at Homestead Timber Frames is the traditional art of timber framing.  By taking white oak or baldcypress heavy timbers joined by mortise and tenon and held together with wooden pegs, we uphold the belief that our work will be here for generations.  Our tools are simple and our eye is good.  We pride ourselves on having at our disposal over a hundred books on the techniques of joiners around the world whose work still stands from as early as the 12th century.

Our company firmly believes that our team along with your input can create a well designed timber frame home which represents your lifestyle while maintaining the quality of workmanship you expect.  Your home will represent true craftsmanship from skillful hands and design which you will value for years to come.  Our company also offers custom timber framed pavilions for any occasion; barns of every shape and entrance gates both elaborate and simple.  These structures are custom designed by our creative team and hand crafted by our highly skilled joiners – all of whom become actively involved in the project at hand.

We extend the invitation of joining our “handcrafted family” where you will find inspiration for expertly crafted timber framing that fits your lifestyle.

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