Check out this Old Oak Tree – The Birthing Tree

This huge white oak tree is located in McMinnville, TN and is known as the Birthing Tree.  Most of the branches are so large that they lay on the ground.

It is 81 feet tall and the crown of the tree spreads over 130 feet!
How tall are you compared to this big tree? 

The Birthing Tree was a local landmark for travelers and settlers passing through the area on the Old Kentucky Trail.  It was a well-known gathering place for them and some waited for long periods of time for others to join, to wait out bad weather or to wait on supplies.  Many of the local families recall stories of grandparents who knew of someone born at the tree due to some extended delays.

This tree is standing across the street from the McMinnville River Park Hospital (1559 Sparta Highway – Hwy. 70)  Stop by and say hello to this old beauty if you’re ever in the area!

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